Laura & Tyson | Chatfield Reservoir Engagement Session

These two are GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!!!!!! That's right, I'm so on top of things right now that I'm blogging their engagement session only ONE day before their wedding. My goal was to blog it before and BOOM, I did :) 

I first met Laura and Tyson in November of last year in a Starbucks Downtown. It was seriously an instant click!!! We left the meeting and I got an email right away asking for a contract! THANK GOODNESS too because, fast forward to the Spring.... their Colorado Engagement Session was one of my favorites to date!!! These two made each other smile the whole time and I had the best time with them. They even brought their adorable dogs along for a few pics!!! It was a dream session and I have a pretty good feeling their wedding won't disappoint either!! 

Molly & Tyler | Downtown Denver Engagement Session

A little over six years ago, I started a new job fresh out of college with a bunch of other freshies out of college. Molly was one of those freshies. We started the same job together moved to different jobs within the same company but continued to be Starbucks buddies and fuel each other's addiction to that morning coffee. Molly ended up moving on to another company but fast forward a couple of years, ended up getting engaged and contacting me to shoot her wedding. Obviously, I wanted nothing more than to shoot her Vail wedding in the FALL in Colorado... I mean, how beautiful is that going to be!?! Plus, she and Tyler are a couple of the coolest people I have met and so naturally, I can't WAIT for their wedding. 

Because of their mountain Vail wedding in a few months, Molly and Tyler opted for a more urban setting for their engagement session. So, we met Downtown and went on a bit of a walk around and ended up on the rooftop of Ale House for another cold one. 

Here are a few of my favorites from their session and stay tuned for their beautiful wedding coming in a few short months! 

Heather, Derek & Violet | Evergreen Lakehouse Mountain Engagement

I feel extra lucky when it comes to Heather and Derek. When the day came for their first meeting, I was busy cleaning my house, music blasting and my phone went off and it was Heather, telling me she was at the Starbucks. Wait.... WHAT??? Turns out.. I thought the meeting was Sunday and it was, in fact Saturday. Luckily, where we were meeting was just about 10 minutes from my house. I freaked out, jumped in the car and FLEW to Starbucks. I felt horrible and both Derek and Heather made sure I knew it was okay and then booked me on the spot... only after promising I would NEVER make this same mistake again... especially on their big day :) 

When the day came for their engagement session (yes, I went on the correct day) they brought Heather's daughter, Violet along for some shots as well. It was only fitting as they are soon becoming a family of three. We had a complete blast!! Walking all over the mountain, laughing, changing behind blankets, laughing some more. I can't wait for their wedding this month and to watch as Violet gives her mom away.