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Farrah & Jeremy | Downtown Denver Winter Engagement

At first, Farrah and Jeremy weren't going to do an engagement session. I'm so dang glad they decided to do it!!! They were flying into town, as they both live out of state, and we were able to meet for an awesome tour of Downtown in the beautiful Denver cold. We wanted to do some great shots at Linger, seeing as it was where they had their first date, but cold weather and snow left their balcony iced over, so we had to improvise. We started by Little Man Ice Cream, hung out in the Christmas trees for a bit and then let Linger photobomb a few pictures. We walked around across the pedestrian bridge and ended the session at the top of the Ale House with beers and snowboarding goggles. 

These two awesome people get married this month in our beautiful mountains at a private cabin. To say I'm excited for their wedding is an understatement. I already can't wait to share the pictures, but until then, here's a few from their chilly and fun engagement session. 

Rachel & Matt | Engagement Session | Northern Colorado

Rachel and I used to go to school in neighboring towns, ate the same favorite restaurants and hung out the same favorite places. It was until college that we finally met each other. Rachel and I both played on the basketball team together at Colorado School of Mines and then became roommates which led to becoming great friends ---- Insert funny team picture found on Facebook----

After college, Rachel moved to Michigan for a job and there she found Matt!! They fell madly in love and took their story to Seattle!! Down the road a bit, I got a random Facebook message from Matt, starting a dialogue on ideas to propose to Rachel. We brainstormed a bit and then ... crickets!!! I swear for a few weeks, every time my phone went off, I just knew it was Rachel, telling me Matt proposed, but I was wrong. It wasn't until a few months later I got the text! I was so dang happy for them and was so excited that I was going to be a part of their big day!!

I hadn't met Matt before this engagement session. They flew into Colorado to see Rach's family and I was lucky enough to meet up with them, meet Matt, take some pictures and have some drinks!! Of course, in true Colorado fashion, we met up for the pictures and it started raining and wind started blowing like CRAZY... made for a fun and exciting session!! These two are seriously a couple of my favorite people ever!! I can't wait to share their beautiful (I mean EXTREMELY beautiful) Leavenworth, WA wedding!!! 

Marquette & Will | Downtown Denver Engagement Session | Denver, Colorado

There are difficult people in this world... and then there's people like Marquette and Will. Two of the most laid back and amazingly nice people you will ever meet. Marquette found me scrolling through Instagram and I'm SO thankful that she did. From day one, email one, word one, these two have been a photographers dream. So cooperative, so joyful, so in love and ... they have the CUTEST little boy (who didn't join us for the E-session but was for sure at the wedding in his tiny little suit)

They, like a few before, also opted for a Downtown Denver chilly engagement session which was so fun and different than their Steamboat wedding.  I got a chance to meet them and see just how happy and truly easy going they really are!! Enjoy and check back soon for their wedding to be on the blog soon :)

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Halley & Joe | Aspen Engagement Session | Aspen, Colorado

Have I ever said that I have the coolest couples? If not... here it is. I seriously get to work with the coolest couples!!! Halley and Joe are no exception. I first got an email from Halley that turned into a discussion on the phone soon after. I remember chatting with her about their wedding plans and coming up with an engagement session plan and feeling like I was talking to someone I had known for years. She and Joe opted for a snowy session in Aspen seeing as they would be getting married in the summer in Aspen... two sessions in Aspen? Yes please!!! And then, as if shooting an engagement session in Aspen wasn't enough, Halley and Joe asked if we could add a snowboarding trip onto the end of the session and take a few pictures on the mountain. Twist my arm!! Now I just had to get over the fact that I would be boarding with PROS (for real, these two live on the mountain) when I hadn't been in a good two years. It was a no-brainer sending my camera along in Halley's backpack! I seriously spent the whole morning with these two wonderful people and had the best time!! Stay tuned for their Summer Aspen wedding... I loved it so much, that I'm going to share it again on the new blog :)