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Reagan Morley | Denver Birth Story | University Hospital

A long long LONG time ago, I met this short, fast, little spark of a woman on a track in High school. We "knew" each other only because we were forced to race each other in the State finals. Who knew that many years later, I would be in her wedding when she married her pretty awesome husband, Trever.. and then be there for her as she and Trever welcomed their first sweet nugget into the world.

I got the text that Teresa was in labor and after hitting my husband in excitement and squealing a little...I started packing myself up to head to their house. When I got there, Teresa's little brother and sister were sitting downstairs, clearly feeling the excitement as their sister labored upstairs, trying hard to peek up there to see what was going on. As I got upstairs, I was overwhelmed with calmness. Teresa sat on a ball and swayed back and forth through each contraction, so focused, timing each one calmly on her phone. Contractions picked up, so we hopped into the car and sped to the hospital where nothing seemed to slow down. Teresa progressed so smoothly and beautifully with unwavering support from Trever. I was so blown away by the connection that Teresa and Trever had during Teresa's labor. As Teresa worked hard... in the tub, standing up, on the ball... Trever was right there, rubbing her back, giving her water, supporting her. It was all so indicative of the type of parents they would be: united, supportive and amazing!!! 

When the midwife finally told Teresa that Reagan was ready to join us Earth-side, Teresa showed such strength and determination and after a few tough pushes, was holding her beautiful baby girl in her arms.