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Laura & Tyson | Chatfield Reservoir Engagement Session

These two are GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!!!!!! That's right, I'm so on top of things right now that I'm blogging their engagement session only ONE day before their wedding. My goal was to blog it before and BOOM, I did :) 

I first met Laura and Tyson in November of last year in a Starbucks Downtown. It was seriously an instant click!!! We left the meeting and I got an email right away asking for a contract! THANK GOODNESS too because, fast forward to the Spring.... their Colorado Engagement Session was one of my favorites to date!!! These two made each other smile the whole time and I had the best time with them. They even brought their adorable dogs along for a few pics!!! It was a dream session and I have a pretty good feeling their wedding won't disappoint either!! 

Molly & Tyler | Downtown Denver Engagement Session

A little over six years ago, I started a new job fresh out of college with a bunch of other freshies out of college. Molly was one of those freshies. We started the same job together moved to different jobs within the same company but continued to be Starbucks buddies and fuel each other's addiction to that morning coffee. Molly ended up moving on to another company but fast forward a couple of years, ended up getting engaged and contacting me to shoot her wedding. Obviously, I wanted nothing more than to shoot her Vail wedding in the FALL in Colorado... I mean, how beautiful is that going to be!?! Plus, she and Tyler are a couple of the coolest people I have met and so naturally, I can't WAIT for their wedding. 

Because of their mountain Vail wedding in a few months, Molly and Tyler opted for a more urban setting for their engagement session. So, we met Downtown and went on a bit of a walk around and ended up on the rooftop of Ale House for another cold one. 

Here are a few of my favorites from their session and stay tuned for their beautiful wedding coming in a few short months! 

Farrah & Jeremy | Downtown Denver Winter Engagement

At first, Farrah and Jeremy weren't going to do an engagement session. I'm so dang glad they decided to do it!!! They were flying into town, as they both live out of state, and we were able to meet for an awesome tour of Downtown in the beautiful Denver cold. We wanted to do some great shots at Linger, seeing as it was where they had their first date, but cold weather and snow left their balcony iced over, so we had to improvise. We started by Little Man Ice Cream, hung out in the Christmas trees for a bit and then let Linger photobomb a few pictures. We walked around across the pedestrian bridge and ended the session at the top of the Ale House with beers and snowboarding goggles. 

These two awesome people get married this month in our beautiful mountains at a private cabin. To say I'm excited for their wedding is an understatement. I already can't wait to share the pictures, but until then, here's a few from their chilly and fun engagement session. 

Sam & Garrett | Lookout Mountain Engagement Session

A long time ago (like 13-15 years ago) I started playing club basketball with a pretty cool girl from Windsor, Colorado. We became great friends, have stayed in touch and still see each other every now and then. One day, I was hanging out with Brittany (the awesome friend) and I met this amazing and beautiful girl, Sam. Sam was introduced to me as Garrett's girlfriend... Garrett being Brittany's little (but actually really tall) brother. I immediately liked Sam. She is one of those people that always seems happy and that happiness is infectious. Such an easy person to be around and be friends with, the perfect person for Garrett seeing as Garrett is also such a kind and happy person. 

What's your favorite thing about your fiance?:

"How she treats people, she is so kind to others even when she doesn't know them and she makes me want to become a better person."

"He makes me laugh and that he tells me he loves me everyday no matter what."

Just like in any love story, these two seem perfectly made for each other. So, it seemed fitting that th0ier proposal story was nothing short of romantic and sweet:

"Christmas morning he took me to the Rock in Castle rock and had decorated a tree to look like a Christmas tree and had an "S" ornament on it. He told me that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! Two of our friends were hiding and taking pictures of us which was so special to have that moment captured!  It was soooo cold and I was so stubborn about going on the walk to get to the special spot, he even had to carry me part way. I was still in my pajamas and had put on one of his Carhartt beanies. So even though it was not my best looking day I am sure it was one of the best days of my life! 
We went back to my parents house and announced to my family the awesome news and the day after went to tell his family!"

Sam and Garrett have since been married and I have been working on their images like CRAZY (I have soooo many favorites.) So I figured I should probably share their beautiful Lookout Mountain Engagement Session before I finish and share images from their gorgeous Castle Rock Wedding!