Heather, Derek & Violet | Evergreen Lakehouse Mountain Engagement

I feel extra lucky when it comes to Heather and Derek. When the day came for their first meeting, I was busy cleaning my house, music blasting and my phone went off and it was Heather, telling me she was at the Starbucks. Wait.... WHAT??? Turns out.. I thought the meeting was Sunday and it was, in fact Saturday. Luckily, where we were meeting was just about 10 minutes from my house. I freaked out, jumped in the car and FLEW to Starbucks. I felt horrible and both Derek and Heather made sure I knew it was okay and then booked me on the spot... only after promising I would NEVER make this same mistake again... especially on their big day :) 

When the day came for their engagement session (yes, I went on the correct day) they brought Heather's daughter, Violet along for some shots as well. It was only fitting as they are soon becoming a family of three. We had a complete blast!! Walking all over the mountain, laughing, changing behind blankets, laughing some more. I can't wait for their wedding this month and to watch as Violet gives her mom away.