Collins Clickner | Denver Birth Story

Cody and I both played basketball at Mines a loooong time ago. We would occasionally see each other in the training room... Cody for his ankle (I think??) and me for my knees. He was known on our team as probably the nicest guy on the guys team.

Fast forward a few years, I was at dinner at my friends house and guess who shows up... Cody!! He was there because his wife is friends with a friend of my friend who was in town visiting..... Did you get that? Moral of that story, I met his wife, Jenna, and was so glad I did!! Jenna is one of those people that you meet and hang out with and think.. "there's no way she's this nice all the time." But, she totally is!! So, the nicest guy on the guys bball team married the nicest girl and THEN (as you can probably tell by the title of this post) the two of them decided to add a tiny little nugget to their family. 

Ironically, we were at the same friends house when I found out that Jenna and Cody were going to be having a little boy. Not long after that, I heard from Jenna about being there to capture the birth of their little boy and, obviously, my answer was something along the lines of "Hell yea".. or "I wouldn't miss it"

I showed up to the hospital to a laboring mama with a huge smile on her face. Seriously, I walked in to the room and Jenna was chatting happily with her sister and Cody in between contractions listening to her Jock Jams. As contractions intensified and Jenna progressed, her smile and positivity was unwavering along with her support. 

After some tough laboring, Jenna decided to hop into the tub. At this point, I was still breastfeeding my little guy, so I decided to take this time to head out and pump. I did a real quick pump session and got back and Jenna was ready to push. I couldn't believe it! A quick stew in the tub and that little guy was ready to make some moves!!! 

Jenna was a superstar!! So focused and so powerful bringing her little guy into this world. With each push I could almost feel her and Cody's excitement to meet their little boy growing and growing and then.... he was here!! Tiny Collins Clickner! In and instant, his parents were in love and in an instant, their family of two because a beautiful and loving family of three.