Jenn and Tyler | Granby Ranch Summer Wedding

Jenn and Tyler's wedding started off a bit different for me seeing as I had never met them before....I always meet a bride and groom somehow before the big day!! We had chatted on the phone (they live out of town now) and gotten to know each other a little that way, but actually seeing each other, their wedding was the first day. 

I walked in to meet Jenn and she was so chill and relaxed as she was getting ready, hair all done besides a large roller in her bangs. That roller only came out when she started reading the vows from Tyler that they exchanged before their first look. We then took off to head up the mountain on Granby Ranch. Once we got to the top, Tyler and Jenn had their first look surrounded by a bunch of Aspens. That's when the clouds rolled in. 

After their first look and a bunch of bridal party and family pictures, it was time for Jenn and Tyler to get married at the top of the mountain. Colorado had a different plan. At the top of the mountain, we looked around and we were completely surrounded by a storm. The lift was shut down so all of the guests were down at the base and all of Jenn and Tyler's family and bridal party were at the top. After some time passed, it was clear that they weren't going to be able to get the guests up to the top of the mountain. So, instead of busing everyone down from the top to get married at the base, Jenn and Tyler had a small ceremony with just their close friends and family overlooking some breathtaking mountains. 

Once they said their first set of I Dos, the amazing staff at Granby Ranch opened the lift just for Jenn and Tyler to ride down. At the the bottom of the lift, they were welcomed by a large group of loved ones cheering. We then went inside and they exchanged vows again and said their second set of I Dos, surrounded by ALL of their friends and family this time. 

The Duncans had one of the most wonderfully unique wedding days. While it seemingly didn't turn out how they planned, it happened to turn out even better. Congrats again to the Duncans on their beautiful wedding and a lifetime of excitement and love!!